Non-Public Professional Learning

Dr. Elizabeth Berquist, Director
Amanda Sills, Fiscal Assistant

Title II Part A Non-Public
105 West Chesapeake Avenue
Jefferson Building – Lower Level
Baltimore, MD 21204
Phone: 443-809-6402
Fax: 410-296-3025

The purpose of the Title II Part A grant is to support the improvement of teacher, paraprofessional and principal quality through high quality professional development in the core academic subjects and in improving classroom practices. For more information regarding this grant, visit the U.S. Department of Education's Web site. Dr. Myriam Yarbrough oversees this program.

Baltimore County Public Schools’ role is to assist MSDE approved Non-Public schools in Baltimore County with accessing benefits and services under the Title II Part A grant.

All forms and information located below are intended for participating Title II Non-Public schools.

The process for accessing Title II Part A funds includes the following steps.

  • Eligible MSDE approved non-public schools will express interest to participate in the grant
  • Schools will submit a preliminary proposal using the required form.
  • BCPS will review and approve preliminary proposals.
  • Schools will submit final proposals
  • BCPS will approve final proposals
  • Schools will submit expenditures with supporting documents to access allotted funding
  • BCPS will monitor implementation and expenditures
  • BCPS will correspond with schools every quarter regarding account balances
  • Schools will notify
  • BCPS in writing if they are unable to use allocated funds
  • Schools will submit expenditures in a timely manner in order to meet fiscal deadlines
  • BCPS reserves the right to seek further clarification regarding an approved activity at any time

Please select the appropriate hyperlink to view additional resources, such as the Title II Non-Public Schools timeline, forms, information regarding allowable activities, and spending procedures.