Business Team Professional Learning

Professional Learning for Business Team Members 
(AFSCME, ESPBC, OPE, and Non-represented)

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Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) is committed to providing non-instructional staff a variety of professional learning opportunities.  

BCPS is routinely committed to ensuring that non-instructional staff receive professional learning required by local and state policies. Examples include safety training for bus drivers or bloodborne pathogen training for food service team members. These types of required professional learning are offered through individual offices due to the job specific nature of the content. 

In addition, BCPS believes that it is essential to move beyond these requirements and provide additional professional learning opportunities for non-instructional staff who wish to expand their skills and knowledge in addition what is necessary to effectively perform in their current position.  The Aspiring Leaders Program, Leadership Academies and CCBC programs are all designed to expand the skills of non-instructional staff members:

Aspiring Leadership Program
Interested non-certificated employees seeking to become leaders within BCPS must apply and be accepted into this program. Topics include finance processes, human resource procedures, communication skills and BCPS legal issues. Successful completion of the program includes attendance at five presentations offered in the evening.  Participants, with the assistance of an assigned coach, will also complete a practicum over three to four months and complete an application presentation supported by their assigned coach.

Leadership Academies
Individuals who have recently been hired or promoted to positions covered by the Office of Professional Employees (OPE) union, Grade 7 or higher are invited to participate in this program. The Leadership Academies are designed to raise the level of understanding of BCPS’ organizational practices as well as expand general leadership skills.  This three-year program includes three half-day sessions each school year.  The content of the first year focuses on expanding the participant’s knowledge of BCPS’ organizational practices.  The content of the second and third years focus on expanding the participant’s general leadership skills.

CCBC Seminars
These one-day courses are voluntary and available to non-certificated employees on a first come, first serve basis.  Courses vary semester to semester and are taught by CCBC professors at their campuses at either Hunt Valley or Owings Mills.  Interested participants must register for the seminar at least two weeks prior to the seminar via BCPS One. Past courses have included: 
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skill
  • Teams and Teamwork
  • Resume Writing/Interview Skills
  • Better Business Writing
  • Business Ethics
  • Managing Across Generations
  • Managing Multiple Priorities
  • Managing Conflict and Confrontation
In collaboration with Organizational Development, ongoing professional learning experiences are designed to build meaningful relationships and enhance community.  Offerings focus on the behaviors, beliefs and ways of being that reinforce the vision of the system.  Offerings also provide non-instructional staff with skills that support future career goals and professional growth within the system.  Additional, ongoing sessions are in development. The following ongoing experiences have recently been offered:

Coaching Cohort
This five-part experience is open to team members who completed an application and are accepted into the program. These half-day sessions are facilitated by a member of the Professional Learning team. This design provides participants the tools and support to engage their colleagues in coaching conversations in order to build capacity for showing up “coach-like” across multiple settings.

Transportation Leadership Professional Learning Community
This monthly learning community works together to focus on the skills of adult leaders.  Sessions focus on self- awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and decision making. Content is grounded in authentic, system-based examples.

Equity Workshops for Non-instructional Staff
Introduction to Leading for Equity is a two-day workshop that supports participants in moving to a deeper space of reflection and practice in the application of an equity lens around their professional responsibilities. Leading for Equity includes six half-day sessions that provide space for participants to examine their work in the organization through the lens of equity and access. Equity in Action consists of six half-day sessions designed to help non-instructional staff move their equity work from theory into practice.

In addition to ongoing, optional professional learning and structured programs, BCPS sponsors annual conferences for non-instructional staff.  Conferences like the Leadership Advance, Transportation Advance and Administrative Professionals Conference offer an opportunity for team members to self-select professional learning sessions based on their areas of interest, network with colleagues and reflect on their own professional growth. 

Organizational Development also supports responsive professional learning for non-instructional staff members.  These offerings are based on specific needs that emerge in offices, departments and divisions are provided in timely, authentic, job-embedded situations. Interested office, department or division heads collaborate with Organizational Development to design, and often to co-deliver, these experiences.

Past sessions have included: 
  • Building Trusting Teams
  • Managing Conflict
  • Happiness in the Workplace
  • Understanding Working Preferences
  • Office/Department Retreats
  • Proactive Strategies for Supporting Students
Questions about enrolling in Aspiring Leaders, Leadership Academies or CCBC seminars should be directed to Barbara Burnopp, Senior Executive Director of Administrative Services.

Questions about registering for or designing ongoing professional learning sessions or to schedule responsive professional learning sessions, contact Dr. Elizabeth Berquist, Director of Professional Learning.