BCPS Connects

BCPS Connects is a collaborative effort among multiple BCPS divisions centered in valuing and connecting with all educators, staff members, and students to embrace equitable and sustaining practices for themselves and others.  Session titles include: Staying Afloat: How to Cope in this Chronic State of Uncertainty, 10-Seconds Toward a Better Life!, and Thriving by Design: Life with YOU at the Center.  For a complete listing of BCPS Connects sessions that will be offered throughout October and November, access BCPS Connects Session's page.

TABCO-eligible educators will be paid at their negotiated hourly rate of $32.76 for the first time they attend any of the session topics offered (and are welcome to register for repeats of the same session without pay, if they choose).  Para-educators are also able to be paid at their negotiated hourly rate for their first-time participation in a session.  Other BCPS leaders and staff are welcome to register, as well.  Interested educators can join us by selecting sessions each week throughout the school year in the BCPS Registration System for non-credit training and workshop registration.  Registration for the October and November sessions is limited to 30 participants for each session, so look each week for new offerings!