Professional Learning

Dr. Elizabeth Berquist, Director
 Jill Snell, Supervisor 
  Angela Booze, Resource Teacher    
Renata Adams,
 Program Assistant

Professional Learning
105 West Chesapeake Avenue
Jefferson Building - Lower Level
Baltimore, MD 21204
Phone: 443-809-6491
Fax: 410-296-3025

BCPS employees may view and register for workshops and MSDE/CPD courses by accessing the Professional Development Opportunities Web page.

The Department of Professional Learning supports all Divisions, Departments and Offices as they align their work to the key initiatives described in The Compass.  Their work is our work!  Our most important role is to help office heads identify specific professional learning needs of their team and to design and deliver high quality professional learning opportunities to meet those needs.  Once office heads identify their key processes and practices that align with The Compass, the Department  of Professional Learning will work with office heads to identify gaps requiring professional learning.  We will design authentic experiences for offices, ranging from individual sessions to meet a specific need to ongoing leadership development programs that support system and individual growth. In addition, the Department supports systemic professional learning, focused opportunities for non-instructional and certificated staff and manages the non-public professional learning component of the Title IIA grant. 

 Program Lead
Aspiring Leaders Course (ALC)  Niamh McQuillan 
Assessment Skills Centers (ASC) for Aspiring Principals and Aspiring Assistant Principals Niamh McQuillan
Associate Principals' Program  Heather Lageman 
BCPS Connects Liz Berquist 
BCPS Systemwide Coaching Workgroup Heather Lageman  &
Candice Logan-Washington 
Business Team Aspiring Leaders  Liz Berquist 
Business Team and C&I Coaching  Liz Berquist 
Business Team PL Support  Liz Berquist 
Design-Thinking Systemwide Projects  Niamh McQuillan 
Educators Rising Jill Snell
Equity Phase 2 Collaboration  Central Zone:  Liz Berquist 
East Zone:  Liz Berquist 
West Zone:  Heather Lageman 
Formative Assessment for Maryland Educators (FAME)  Jill Snell
Leadership Academy  Heather Lageman  
Leadership Development Programs: 
  • Principals' Leadership Development            (PLD)
  • Assistant Principals’ Professional                 Development (APPD)
  • Heather Lageman  
    Leadership Information Sessions (LIS)  Jill Snell
    Leadership Challenge  Jill Snell
    Leadership Development for Prospective Department Chairs  Jill Snell
    Leadership Development for Prospective Staff Development Teachers  Angela Booze
    New Administrators’ Academy (NAA)  Heather Lageman 
    New Administrator Support Team for Principals
    Heather Lageman  
    Online Professional Learning Modules
    Liz Berquist  
    Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)  Heather Lageman  & Liz Berquist
    School-based Administrative Induction and Support Program (SBAI) for New Principals and Assistant Principals  Heather Lageman 
    School-based Administrator Mentors for Principals and Assistant Principals  Heather Lageman 
    School-based CPD  Jill Snell
    School Leader Licensure Assessment (SLLA)
    Niamh McQuillan
    Staff Development Teacher (SDT) Professional Learning  Jill Snell
    Staff Development Teachers (SDT) Novice and Apprentice Teacher Cohort  Angela Booze
    Teacher Leader YOUniversity Jill Snell
    Title IIA  Heather Lageman 
    Title IIA Non-Publics Liz Berquist