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BCPS employees may view and register for workshops and MSDE/CPD courses by accessing the Professional Development Opportunities Web page.

New Educator Orientation (NEO)
NEO 2022 will be a combination of face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities occurring August 15, 2022 – August 19, 2022. The virtual learning opportunities may include both synchronous and asynchronous components. Registration information is provided to new hires through the onboarding process. New educators who are eligible to attend but have not received information through onboarding should contact our office for assistance.

  • MODULE 1: School-based Orientation - Begin your orientation by participating in a face-to-face learning opportunity at your school. In this module you may learn about Schoology which is our Learning Management System, school policies and procedures, and the ESOL program. Please contact your principal/office head prior to August 12 to confirm your participation.
  • MODULE 2: System Orientation - Continue your orientation by participating in the following virtual learning opportunities:     
    • Superintendent's welcome
    • Equity in Action
    • Classroom management or program management
    • Professional conduct
    • Educator evaluation 
  • MODULE 3: Curriculum and Content Orientation - Finish your orientation by participating in a face-to-face learning opportunity at a central location to learn about curriculum and content.

New Teacher Induction Course
Unraveling the Mysteries of the CIA (Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment) is a free, three credit, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course. Participants will meet once a month from October through June to explore culturally responsive instruction, effective classroom management strategies that promote student achievement, and student engagement. They analyze best practices around responsive classroom instruction to design long-range and differentiated instructional plans that focus on enduring learning.

After School Workshops for Non-Tenured Teachers
Non-tenured teachers are invited to attend workshops as part of the New Teacher Induction Program. The Division of Organizational Effectiveness, in collaboration with the Division of Curriculum and Instruction and the Division of School Climate and Safety, will be offering a series of workshops to support new and newly hired teachers. Please see the New Teacher Induction After School Workshop Program for a comprehensive list of workshop titles.

Fall and/or Spring Seminar
Non-tenured teachers are invited to attend a seminar one day in the fall and/or spring. Participants benefit from a choice of sessions which may include standards-based planning, developing a positive classroom climate, teacher growth and evaluation, maintaining a professional certificate, integrating technology, formative assessment strategies, building partnerships with parents, differentiated instructional strategies, and managing stress and handling conflict. Interested participants should look for registration directions in the BCPS News Hub.

Peer Assistance and Review Program (PAR)
Peer Assistance and Review is a nationally recognized program designed to improve teacher quality, increase teacher retention, and ultimately increase student achievement. In this program, Consulting Teachers (CTs) provide support to teachers new to BCPS without prior teaching experience.

Peer Advisor Program
The Peer Advisor Program is specifically designed to support teachers new to BCPS with prior teaching experience. Peer Advisors are tenured teachers who have successfully completed the Peer Advisor Training and are eligible to provide coaching and support to a non-tenured teacher who does not qualify for a Consulting Teacher.

Staff Development Teachers 
Staff Development Teachers in identified schools provide professional development opportunities including coaching to all teachers.


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