Professional Development Opportunities

All professional development opportunities starting December 6, 2021,
will be available in the new Registration System.

New Registration System

Baltimore County Public Schools has implemented a new Web-based Registration System. This system will be used to manage registration for all professional development activities offered by BCPS beginning December 6, 2021. This new Registration System will allow identified staff to submit professional development opportunities for systemwide registration, create a centralized list of professional development opportunities for all BCPS employees that is searchable and filterable, allow staff to see professional development that is applicable to their work location or position, allow staff to register for self-paced (asynchronous), synchronous, or hybrid instructor-led workshops, training, or courses (all referred to as courses), connect to your BCPS calendar and place courses for which you registered on your calendar, track attendance and completion for each section, send automated email reminders to instructors and registrants, automatically send anonymous surveys, provide analytic reporting, and more! Also, the new Registration System eventually will be integrated with the Learning Management System (Schoology) as well as the new staff evaluation platform (Perform). 

Please note that automated email reminders may come from [email protected]

Accessing the New Registration System 
The Registration System can be accessed using any of the available Internet browsers. To log on to the Registration System follow the steps below:

  1. Open an Internet browser and type in the address bar and press Enter key on the keyboard.  
  2. Log into the Office 365 web page by entering or selecting BCPS credentials.   
    Click on the App Launcher icon   from the top left-hand corner.
  3. Click on the All apps link towards the bottom of the frequently used Apps list. 
  4. Under the Other portion of the pane or screen, click on the Registration System option. 

    Note: After accessing the Registration System using these steps, the Registration System app will appear under the list of frequently used Apps in step 4.

Hyperlinked video tutorials are available from the Welcome channel on the top left-hand side of the home page. 

For helpful resources or to submit a request for Registration System specific support, please visit our Registration System Resources page. 

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