Equity In Action

The Department of Equity & Cultural Proficiency in collaboration with the Office of School Climate hosted the first Equity in Action Symposium. 

The Theme of the symposium was Equity in Action:
Realizing Prevention, Restoration, and Logical Consequences (PRL). The theme spoke to how understanding the intersection of school climate and culture can help improve instruction and reduce or eliminate gaps in achievement.

PRL is a three tier model of support for students. Full implementation of each tier of PRL is designed to foster a healthy climate and provide high quality, engaging, and responsive instruction every day, in every classroom.  Tier I, Prevention, is about creating a positive learning environment to develop positive relationships between students and adults. Tier II,  Restoration, is about guiding students and staff  in the talking and thinking relative to reflection and analysis on what led to inappropriate behavior and who was affected in order to repair relationships.  Lastly, Tier III, Logical Consequences, is a deliberation of what reasonable, meaningful, and equitable responses to student behavior should look like in cases were redress is required.  The question of how practitioners hold students accountable and most importantly help students make different decisions in the future is a critical consideration in this tier.  All three tiers seek to strengthen caring relationships and include student voice in order to support a positive school climate.

The dynamic symposium speakers were Dr. LisaWilliams, Dr. Melissa Whisted, Dr. Wendy Shaia, Robert Murphy and Malene Bell. The conference provided participants with an opportunity to grow professionally and engage in collaborative conversations around climate and equity.

Conference Presentations
Robert Murphy Equity in Action.pdf
Malene Bell BCPS Conference PPT Shared Copy.pdf