Staff Directory

Division of Organizational Effectiveness 
Fax: 410-296-3025

Name Title Phone Number
William Burke  Chief of Organizational Effectiveness 443-809-0252
Catherine Armstrong Executive Administrative Assistant 443-809-0252
Darlene Reichanbach Fiscal Assistant  

Department of Equity and Cultural Proficiency
Fax: 410-238-0181

Name  Title Phone Number
Dr. Lisa Williams  Executive Director 443-809-2444
Jennifer Audlin  Specialist 443-809-2444
Joquetta Johnson Specialist 443-809-2444
Dr. Candice Logan-Washington Specialist 443-809-2444
Dominic Smith  Specialist 443-809-2444
Danielle Butler  Program Assistant 443-809-2444
Ayana Patterson Administrative Assistant 443-809-2444

Department of Professional Learning 
 Fax: 410-296-3025

 Name Title Phone Number
Dr. Elizabeth Berquist Director 443-809-6491
Jill Snell  Supervisor 443-809-6491
Angela Booze Resource Teacher  
Renata Adams Program Assistant 443-809-6491

Department of Organizational Development
 Fax: 410-296-3025

Office of Leadership Development

Fax: 443-809-9859

 Name Title Phone Number
Heather Lageman  Executive Director 443-809-6493
Niamh McQuillan Coordinator 443-809-9376
Dr. Clare Kruft OD Resource Teacher 443-809-6491
Tracey Carroll Administrative Assistant 443-809-6493


Office of Professional Development and Training
Fax: 410-296-3025

 Name Title Phone Number
Kimberly McMenamin  Coordinator 443-809-6489
Max Khan Specialist 443-809-6492
Carol Yingling Technical Trainer 443-809-6492
Ashley Coburn Program Assistant 443-809-6489


Office of Teacher Development
Fax: 410-296-3025

 Name Title Phone Number
Deborah Piper  Coordinator 443-809-0363
Ann Stuckey Supervisor 443-809-6490
Shannon Johnson Resource Teacher 443-809-0363
Natasha Romesburg Program Assistant 443-809-0363
Judy Bisasky Administrative Secretary 443-809-6490
Etta Watkins Clerk 443-809-0363

Resource Center at Campfield
Fax: 410-887-1267

 Name Title Phone Number
Cindy Baugher Parent Services Representative 410-887-1269
Darlene Cook Fiscal Assistant 410-887-1269

Resource Center at Middlesex 
Fax: 410-887-0475

 Name Title Phone Number
Anna Ogora Parent Services Representative 410-887-0321
Darlene Cook Fiscal Assistant 410-887-0321
Karen Warren Clerk 410-887-0321

Title II, Part A Grant 
Fax: 410-296-3025

 Name Title Phone Number
Jolene Wingerd Accountant I 443-809-0364
Amanda Sills Fiscal Assistant 443-809-6402